owlThe Knowledge

Should I be scared of the challenges?

Absolutely yes

Can I really escape anywhere I like, after The Crow releases me?

Yes on foot only. As long as the route is legal. You can’t roam private land. We suggest you be sensible, and run home to your mother

What do I need to carry?

We will provide a recommended kit list, but the decision is yours. You will be given a Race Drone GPS tracking device to carry. Pairs have one tracker between them. The trackers are the kind used for  D of E Tracking as well as Scout GPS Tracking, and general GPS Events Tracking.

I am scared of the dark, can I bring a little friend?

You can bring your teddy bear or you can enter as a pair. You can hold hands as you venture through the dark woods.

What about the “Chained ” category (Autumn only). What are the rules?

You can choose your partner(s). 2 to 6 can run together.   You must first quality for a Gold medal (60 as the crow flies). If you complete 130 miles in total (not as the crow flies) you will qualify for a pair of “Chained 130” medals. You must finish with chain intact and provide video evidence at no point must the chain be removed unless in an emergency (you will be given the capability to remove the chain). You may be subject to spot checks. Enter at own risk. You are responsible for your route choices and safety.  Like the standard entry, after registration the event have no responsibility for you.

Will the course the marked?

Ha ha ha ha ha,  good one. What, seriously? No, you set the course! Your fate is your own.

Can I use GPS?


Will there be hot-towels , masseurs, and cheesecake at the checkpoints?

There aren’t any checkpoints. By all means find yourself pubs, and whatever else en-route. Planning is half the fun!

But how will I feed myself?

That’s up to you. Use a pub, shop, drink from a stream, or ask your dad to bring you a banana sandwich if you wish

So, I can have a support crew then?

Yes. Though you’re a bit of a lightweight compared to the hardy souls who don’t.

If I feel like giving up early, what happens?

Turn off your tracker, and notify The Crow you are retiring. Your distance will be logged at the point you decide to bail. If one member of a pair quits, you both do

How are the awards graded?

Escape from Meriden

They are all “as the crow flies” distance from Meriden, when the time runs out, or you quit. That is not the same as miles travelled. See the Map on the “Register” Page

  • 30 – 60 miles – Silver
  • 60 – 90 miles – Gold
  • Greater than 90 miles – Black
  • “Chained” category – 130 miles in total – Chained 130 medal

Escape from GB

  • 50 – 110 miles – Silver
  • 110 – 160  miles – Gold
  • Greater than 160 miles – Black

What happens if I forget my jelly babies, or sit in whimpering heap in the woods. Will you fetch me?

No. You’ll be a feast for crows

What happens if I really get into trouble?

We also have top-cover remote medical support helpline, but if you are in realt trouble you should of course contact Emergency services. Note, the Race Drone tracker has an SOS button but it is not linked to a rescue service. If you friends and family and viewing at the time you activate SOS, they might see it but don’t rely on that. Always seek local assistance or dial for help.

What happens after 24 hours (36 hours if “chained, 48 hours on Escape from FB”)?

You’ll get instruction in the guidebook as to how the Crow will record your position. After that you’ll make your own way home. You must post back the tracker to us using Signed For delivery immediately after the event. Any trackers not returned will be invoiced at full cost of £120.00

When will I get my reward

Once The Crow has made judgement, you will receive it. This will likely a month to 6 weeks later.

I have more questions?

You’d better ask them here then.