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It is not to late to turn back!


Escape from Meriden 

Friday November 18th 2022:  

Registration opens at Midday on 19th November 2021. They sold out in 60 seconds last time, don’t be late!

You can enter solo, or you can enter as a pair (if you fear the dark).  If you enter as a pair you must remain together at all times.

  • Individual entries for the 24 hour event cost a mere £38 each (plus ticket handler’s payment gateway fee £1.95)
  • Pair Entries are for the 24 hour event cost £38 each (plus payment gateway fee £1.95)
  • The special “Chained Ultra” sub-event for teams of 2-6 runners, operated association by Cockbain Events. This extended category is 36 hours long, costs £66 per person (plus payment gateway fee £2.50. The opportunity to travel for 12 hours longer, with the aim of going for 130 ‘real miles’ or more to win one of the ‘Chained’ medals, in addition to the applicable ‘as the crow flies’ Meriden medal

What is included:

  • Entry into Escape From Meriden; an event unlike any other
  • Prisoner, you will be electronically tagged at registration. The event is made possible by use of a TrackTrail GPS Tracker, so the crow can watch (You will receive it at registration. Pairs get one tracker between them. You must post it back after the event (on the Monday) via Signed For delivery, at your own cost)
  • Tyvek-like lightweight Orange coloured jumpsuit (prisoner style) – optional wear – adds to the fun – dished out first come first served on the night
  • Next Generation GPS Tracker hire
  • Rewards:
    • Escape over 30 miles, as the crow files, to claim The Silver Crow medallion
    • Escape over 60 miles, as the crow flies, to claim The Gold Crow medallion
    • Escape over 90 miles, as the crow files, to claim The Black Crow medallion
    • Chained Category Only. Escape 60 over miles as the crow flies, and then intotal complete 130 “real” miles or more in total to qualify for the special “Chained Ultra” medal
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  • You reward will be sent to you after the event
  • Trophies for; furthest flight Female, Furthest flight Male, Furthest Flight Pair
  • Duke of York Award for “Most elevation gained”
  • The Crow’s Spoon for “Most pathetic escape attempt”


Refund Policy

No deferrals, or refund, unless the event is cancelled.

You can sell your place and transfer in someone else at zero cost. 

Places can only be transferred in the same category they were purchased. i.e. you can’t sell a pair as two solo places.  You can’t transfer chained places for solo places, or pair places.

How to transfer your place(s) to someone else.

  1. You can transfer your place to person that you find yourself. Transfer using’s transfer function. Once the recipient pays, you will be refunded. Merchandise is not refunded by Etchrock but is transferred to the recipient. You may have to agree a private sale if you wish to recoup those costs. Tshirt sizes cannot be changed. Whatever you originally ordered will be given to the recipient at the finish.
  2. Also email to us your name and the name of the new person you have transferred to