May 31st 2019

All tickets are £42 each 

  • Starting at midday on Friday 31st May, you have 48 hours to Escape from the centre of Great Britain  (Haltwhistle)
  • The rules are the broadly the same as Escape from Meriden
  • You can choose to sleep (or not). You can check in to a lush spa hotel, or bivvy under the stars, the choice is yours
  • If you escape 50 miles “as the crow flies” you achieve Silver
  • If you escape 110 miles “as the crow flies” Gold
  • If you escape 160 miles “as the crow flies” Black
  • If anyone makes (what is all but impossible) 200 as the crow flies, you will be awarded a special trophy (We don’t expect to be giving any of these away)
  • Handy online tool here to help plan your escape
  • A special Islander category, ranked in a separate table, will be permitted to travel by sea to escape the mainland. That could be to a small Scottish Island, to Ireland, or to Europe. Who knows?

Trophies for:

  • Houdini: The Solo who escapes the furthest distance on the mainland
  • Bonnie and Clyde: The pair who escape the furthest distance on the mainland
  • “There can be only one!” – Highlander – The solo or pair who escape the furthest North
  • Hilary Tenzing – Solo or pair whose route accumulates the most elevation in their escape bid
  • Islander – The solo or pair who escape the furthest distance as the crow flies, when part of the journey is by sea

What is included

  • Prisoner, you will be electronically tagged at registration. The event is made possible by use of a RaceDrone GPS Tracking device, so the crow can watch (You will receive it at registration. Pairs get one tracker between them. You must post it back after the event (on the Monday) via Signed For delivery, at your own cost)
  • The event will be using the new (as yet unreleased) Racedrone 2.0 advanced tracking website
  • Race Number
  • NEW: Overwatch – Access to a medical monitoring helpline from TrailMed
RaceDrone logo II
Event GPS Tracking

Refund Policy

No refunds or deferrals are possible, but you can sell your place privately, and transfer in someone else within one week of the event, at zero cost