Final Start List

Only those with “Confirmed” next to the name/team name have completed the emailed online form and confirmed attendance, and been assigned trackers. Download the participant guide here


  Phil Amos  
1 David Anderson Confirmed
2 Rachel Anderson Confirmed
  Natasha Ashby  
  George Axon  
3 Paul Baker-Westerman Confirmed
  Matt Barnes  
  Ian Barnes  
  Matt Barron  
4 Guy Baxendale Confirmed
5 Kieran Bedford Confirmed
6 Graham Berry Confirmed
7 Claire Bishop Confirmed
  James Blackshaw  
  Andy Brace  
8 Matthew Bradbury Confirmed
9 David Brain Confirmed
10 Rob Brown Confirmed
11 Jason Brunt Confirmed
12 San Buckley Confirmed
13 Jason Bulley Confirmed
14 Sarah Burgess Confirmed
  Robin Burgess  
15 Adrian Busolini Confirmed
  andrew bye  
16 Helen Cann Confirmed
17 Rob Cann Confirmed
18 Tasha Chandler Confirmed
19 Jonathan Chapman Confirmed
  Jack Chennell  
  Martyn Chrystie  
20 Graham Clark Confirmed
  Markb Collinson  
21 Gordon Conway Confirmed
  Darryl Coulter  
22 Matthew Craen Confirmed
23 James Cripps Confirmed
24 Benjamin Davies Confirmed
25 Martin Davies Confirmed
26 Jack Davy Confirmed
27 Andrew Davy Confirmed
  Richard Dewhurst  
28 Ingo Dierkschnieder Confirmed
29 Ian Douglas Confirmed
30 Jo Douglas Confirmed
31 Chris Dunkerley Confirmed
32 Lee Edgington Confirmed
  David Farmer  
33 Simeon Farrington-Newman Confirmed
34 David Fawkner Confirmed
  Paul Forrest  
35 Chris Foulds Confirmed
36 Simon Freeman Confirmed
37 Simon Gardner Confirmed
38 Barry Gerhold Confirmed
  Ruth Goddard  
  Julie Graham  
  Anne Griffiths  
39 Nigel Harmer Confirmed
40 Nick Harrison Confirmed
41 Paul Heath Confirmed
  Zoe Heath  
42 Rebecca Henry-Brown Confirmed
43 David Hobbs Confirmed
44 Guy Holloway Confirmed
45 Mark Hopper Confirmed
46 Chris Hughes Confirmed
47 Gordon Hughes Confirmed
48 Jake Hunsley Confirmed
49 Bruce Hunter Confirmed
50 Pete Hurdman Confirmed
51 Dennis Hussey Confirmed
  Ross Jenkin  
  James Jennings  
  Aaron Jewell  
  Jason Jones  
52 Helen Joy Confirmed
53 Tom Keeber Confirmed
  Ian Keyte  
54 Gavin King Confirmed
55 David Kinnair Confirmed
  Gina Law  
56 Adam Leavesley Confirmed
57 Alex Lee Confirmed
58 Sam Leivers Confirmed
  Matthew Lemmon  
59 Dave Leonard Confirmed
60 Raymond Leonard Confirmed
61 Matthew Levett Confirmed
  Thomas Loe  
62 Sean Lynch Confirmed
63 Nick Maidment Confirmed
64 Philip Makin Confirmed
  Lucy Maskew Snell  
65 Angela McAree Confirmed
66 Michael McCarroll Confirmed
  Robert McCarthy  
67 Adam McCartney Confirmed
  Colin Mcevoy  
68 David McGee Confirmed
  Jeff Mercer  
  Josh Merrett  
69 Luke Messinger Confirmed
  Sye MH  
70 Craig Mitchley Confirmed
71 Donna Morrin Confirmed
72 Stephen Morris Confirmed
73 Sami Munden-Griffiths Confirmed
74 Alun Murch Confirmed
75 David Murch Confirmed
  Brendan Murphy  
  Matthew Murphy  
76 Andrew Nash Confirmed
  Andrew Nesbit  
  Alan Nurch  
77 Jim O’Brien Confirmed
78 David Oldham Confirmed
79 Sharif Owadally Confirmed
80 Vic Owens Confirmed
81 Akgun Ozsoy Confirmed
82 Marshall Parr Confirmed
  Stuart Parton  
83 Richard Penton Confirmed
84 Iestyn Perham Confirmed
85 Tim Petken Confirmed
  Sean Phillips  
86 Ellen Piper Confirmed
87 Matthew Potter Confirmed
88 Alistair Potter Confirmed
89 David Price Confirmed
90 Paul Raddan Confirmed
91 Nathan Rae Confirmed
  Gareth Redston  
92 Phillip Richardson Confirmed
93 Peter Ricks Confirmed
  ted robinson  
  Michael Rogerson  
  DEb Rookes  
94 James Rosie Confirmed
  Jason Rowell  
95 Mark Saunders Confirmed
96 Gordon Sharp Confirmed
  Tony Sheridan  
97 Gavin Smith Confirmed
98 Lucy Smith Confirmed
  Mark Styles  
99 Martin Swan Confirmed
100 James Taylor Confirmed
  Ashley Taylor  
  Craig Thomas  
  Victor Thomson  
101 Andy Tideswell Confirmed
102 Chris Toddington Confirmed
103 Stephen Toward Confirmed
104 Sam Towers Confirmed
105 Ed Trafford Confirmed
  Edward Trafford  
106 Paul Turner Confirmed
107 Adam U’Glow Jones Confirmed
  Lee Van Keefe  
  Dawn Watkins  
108 Paul Wildman Confirmed
109 Barrie Williams Confirmed
110 Craig Williams Confirmed
  Ryan Williams  
111 Marie Williamson Confirmed
112 Nick Wood Confirmed
  Stephen Wright  


113 Phillipa Rolle Rolle Confirmed
  Phillipa Rolle Rolle Confirmed
114 Megan Ronan Ronan Confirmed
  Megan Ronan Ronan Confirmed
115 shaun tunca tunca Confirmed
  shaun tunca tunca Confirmed
116 james vaughan vaughan Confirmed
  james vaughan vaughan Confirmed
117 Dean Roberts Ball and Chain Confirmed
  Nicola Roberts Ball and Chain Confirmed
118 Gemma Wall Dumb and Dumber Confirmed
  Kim Marie Gerrard Dumb and Dumber Confirmed
119 Matt Sims Mattim Confirmed
  Tim Hutchinson Mattim Confirmed
120 Mark Groom Shadow Runners Confirmed
  Ruth Walker Shadow Runners Confirmed
121 Gail Weaver Smut Monsters Confirmed
  Trevor Ball Smut Monsters Confirmed
122 Kurt Dowson Sole sisters CCTR Confirmed
  Matthew Hodgson Sole sisters CCTR Confirmed
123 Steve Hennessy Tracey and Steve Confirmed
  Tracey Vernon Tracey and Steve Confirmed
124 Laurie Akroyd Akroyd Confirmed
  Laurie Akroyd Akroyd Confirmed
125 Richard Morley Morley Confirmed
  Richard Morley Morley Confirmed
  joy salt salt  
  joy salt salt  
126 Mark Hopper Cape Hopper Confirmed
  Phil Cape Cape Hopper Confirmed
  Michelle Garbutt Death becomes her   
  Sally Parkin Death becomes her   
127 Daniel Day DRR Confirmed
  Nadine Gray DRR Confirmed
128 Carey Dyer Golden Girls Confirmed
  Michelle Buckle Golden Girls Confirmed
  Adrian May Lady and the Gaylord  
  Tania Whitby Lady and the Gaylord  
  Dave Hill Make it up, Quick!  
  Mark Gunn Make it up, Quick!  
129 Greg Harris Statler & Waldorf Confirmed
  Pete Morters Statler & Waldorf Confirmed
  Nicole Atkinson TBC  
  Nicole Atkinson TBC  
  Chris Wood Team Lizard  
  John Robertson Team Lizard  
  Derry French Team New2tri  
  Simon Warwick Team New2tri  
  Nicola Richardson Team Plantain  
  Wanausha Campbell Team Plantain  
  Alex Lister Team Q Ball   
  Cliff Dowle Team Q Ball   


130 Andrew Tedder Straight outta ….. retirement Confirmed
  Stephen Colley Straight outta ….. retirement Confirmed
  Lee Scott All Pete’s idea  
  Paul Wootten All Pete’s idea  
  Claire Sykes C and T  
  Michael Thompson C and T  
131 Jay Fallaize DRR On The Run Confirmed
  Louise Balloch DRR On The Run Confirmed
132 James Haskey-Jones Here we go again… Confirmed
  Nic Vincent Here we go again… Confirmed
133 Dylan Gould House Of Chain Confirmed
  Neil Mackay House Of Chain Confirmed
134 Justine Flett Illegal Runners Confirmed
  Rob McGregor Illegal Runners Confirmed
  Claire Sykes It will be a laugh!!!!!  
  Marie Ellershaw It will be a laugh!!!!!  
135 Jonathan Evans Jon Evans and Matthew Iring Confirmed
  Mathew Irving Jon Evans and Matthew Iring Confirmed
136 Gary Chapman Leggit Confirmed
  Tony Booth Leggit Confirmed
  Paul Linton Midlife Crisis  
  Ted Robinson Midlife Crisis  
137 Belinda Farmer Out run the shame Confirmed
  Rob Colliver Out run the shame Confirmed
138 Sam Owen Pork pie girls  Confirmed
  Sam Owen Pork pie girls  Confirmed
  Barnaby Hopson Ruxtontowers harriers  
  Chris McGill Ruxtontowers harriers  
139 Sarah Adamson Sadamsons Confirmed
  Simon Adamson Sadamsons Confirmed
  Byron Crook Standard Cuffs  
  Kev Rogers Standard Cuffs  
  Sara Abbott Susars  
  Sue Straw Susars  
  Lerryn Hogg Team Kernow  
  William Callaway Team Kernow  
  John Whitcher The Peanut Buttercups  
  Simon Ballard The Peanut Buttercups  
140 Samantha Davenward We may have mis-jogged this Confirmed
  Stu Connell We may have mis-jogged this Confirmed
  Ashley Dease-Vincent We may have mis-jogged this Confirmed
  sinead maguire Maguire  
  sinead maguire Maguire  
  Vanessa Armond Armond  
  Vanessa Armond Armond  
  Laura Fisher Fisher  
  Laura Fisher Fisher  
  Georg Schirmer Schirmer  
  Georg Schirmer Schirmer  
  Charles Larsson Larsson  
  Charles Larsson Larsson