30 September 2020

Just an update on this year’s EFM.  As things stand, socially-distanced, outdoor events are still able to take place.  We are constantly reviewing the latest information.  As it stands, the gov adviced (linked) is  Up to 6 people are allowed to meet outdoors, whilst remaining 1 or 2m apart

EFM is the ultimate socially-distanced event, but we have made some make a few changes to remain compliant

1) There is no indoor event registration at the hall in Meriden

2) Staggered start times, from 6pm onwards

3) Trackers can be collected (or posted on-demand)

We will provide an online, video race briefing to replace the usual in-hall briefing.  We are not hiring the hall, or any venue at all. The briefing and guidebook will be released a few weeks before the event.

We will create a list with 1 minute start time slots.  You will be able to choose a free slot to start, from likely 6pm onwards. These time slots could run through to 10pm or midnight, depending on how many confirmed attendees we get.  When you arrive in Meriden you will be given an outdoor collection location, where you will go 5 mins before you start (not sooner or later – to avoid any gatherings), collect your tracker and then go to the Meriden cross to start at your allotted start time.

If you are a chained participant, you will be given additional instructions by Mark Cockbain who runs the Chained event. Chaining runners takes a few minutes, so the race slots will be likely spaced out 5 or 10 min intervals. 

If you wish to start earlier or later, or just don’t want to collect a tracker in person, then you can request to have a tracker posted to you by recorded delivery.  Likewise if you want one of the tyvek-style jumpsuits, it isn’t feasible to have everyone changing in the outdoors, so these would have to be posted to you, along with your tracker.The cost for delivery is estimated to be £4.60 (cost price for Royal Mail Signed delivery). We will contact you nearer the time, so you can book slots, or book a delivery. Do not email us with your choice of time/delivery at this time.

At whatever time you start, your race clock clock starts and ends exactly 24 hours later.

If you definitely do not want to participate in 2020 then sell your place now.  There is not a deferral option for EFM because it is going ahead as normal as things stand.  There is a lot of demand for places online, and they can be sold by you privately, usually at full cost.  They exchange hands very quickly on the Beyond Marathon Community Facebook Page, and other running forums. 

See the instructions on the Registration page of the website for how to transfer your place to someone else.

If the Covid advice changes to make the event impossible, we will contact you again, but we hope for the best as things stand.

Best Regards